When managing associations we pride ourselves in our direct and hands-on approach. Each association is different and deserves special attention. No corporation will match the level of devotion that Top Notch extends to each association. We assist each Board member or homeowner inquiry with an actual person on the other end of the line. No answering service or frustrating set of menus. Anything you need will be taken care of as soon as humanly possible.

Accurate reports and full disclosure are the cornerstones of a good management company. We take these concepts to the next level with detailed record keeping and full access for board members and homeowners alike. Any information you may need is available to you at any time of the day or night online. When you take Top Notch into consideration, you put integrity at the forefront of your association. Below is a breakdown of the services that we offer:

Neighborhood Inspections:

  • We will carefully inspect the community for violations or recommendations concerning maintenance, repairs, and landscaping needs. We will then contact companies to provide you with worry free maintenance and repairs.
  • Keep you informed of any current work being performed, progress, and all expenses.


  • We will implement all goals, regulations, and policies established by the Board of Directors.
  • Verbally respond to all queries from association members and/or association business associates.
  • Contact business for bids on all contracts.
  • Verify that insurance coverage for all association matters is adequate and review coverage as necessary.
  • Draft correspondence in response to policies of the board and all other correspondence as it pertains to association matters.


  • Plan and draft budgets for the association.
  • Research probable increase or decrease in specific expense and income items.
  • Prepare projected quarterly financial statements.
  • Provide justification for specific new items and over-runs or under-runs for budget estimates.
  • Indicate trends and/or comparisons with selected factors or standards.
  • Tabulate statistical data for presentations.
  • Monitor all budget items during association operations at all times.
  • Free online access to ledgers and community documents
  • Free banking and lock box services.
  • Free lien foreclosure and collection services.
  • Free Board Certification Courses


  • Our phones are answered by real people and not automated phone systems.
  • We work as a team and there is always someone to answer your questions.
  • Prompt response to all emails.
  • The Board of Directors have 24/7 access to view reports and data online with ease.
  • Digital Record Management
  • Every unit owner may view their individual ledgers and community documents on the community web page.
  • All unit owners will have access to respective and individual ledgers along with community documents on the appropriate web page.


  • Prepare and verify journal entries for the association.
  • Prepare checks in payment of association invoices.
  • Maintain accounts and records of transactions of disbursement and expenses.
  • Estimate expenditures expected based on historical or newly developed data.
  • Advise board on the effective use of resources and the establishment of priorities.
  • Establish and enforce cash flow control.
  • Prepare briefs or presentations.
  • Review property assessments and make recommendations where appropriate.


  • Plan and schedule maintenance for the association property.
  • Gather data for estimates of repairs and recommend course of action.
  • Contact businesses or individuals for required maintenance bids and estimates.
  • Review and inspect completed maintenance jobs.
  • Draft and mail invitations to companies for bids.
  • Draft specifics for procurement contract.
  • Confer with contractors or suppliers.